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Metcash (ASX: MTS) is an Australian conglomerate company distributing and marketing groceries, fresh produce, alcoholic beverages, hardware, and other consumer goods. Notable retailers the company owns include IGA, Mitre 10 and Home Timber & Hardware.


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Factory Hand (Former Employee) says

"cleaned boats and was responsible for basic warehouse duties. also was assigned the role off testing the boat.. loved them daysnear homecleaning"

Storeworker (Former Employee) says

"Do not waste your time! Senior Management don't care about front line. Managers only get promoted when they cry loud enough. The pay is terrible and working conditions are ordinary due to the lack of quality of leadership. If you are happy to be a puppet this company is for you but if not, they will find a way to phase you out.Not a oneWalking through the front door"

Senior UNIX Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Good place to start out then use the experience elsewhere. It has the mindset of short term gain with no long term vision for employees. There is no policy set out and blame is set upon those seen to be not towing the line.sampleslong hours"

Storeman (Current Employee) says

"Management don't know how to run the place no teamwork. Workers are lazy spoilt complain if work get hard. Team leader make sure they do minimal amount of work for more pay they refuse to work any other areas of the company apparently it is not their job.nonewokers are lazy no disapline do what ever you like attitude."

Storeperson (Former Employee) says

"-Very lowly motivated workforce that work for their wages -Merit and performance mean nothing; You only need to be a snitch to be in good books; to quote a supervisor, “snitches help in our work.” sometimes who lie and are believed. -Least qualified, semi literate leading hands and supervisors busy hounding out any threats to their positions. -It’s basically a training ground for other like corporations.Free lunch for overtime and holidaysUnhealthy environment, poor pay, favouritism"

Warehouse Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Lack of staff meant multiple roles done by less people Moving to the new site means more workers less support Co-workers are fantastic to work with bar managementGreat workersLong hours, no support"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Metcash is an extremely challenging environment to work and operates in a highly competitive environment. Despite assurances to the contrary it is not advisable to challenge the status quo. Just go with the flow and you will be fine"

Order Picker (Former Employee) says

"Very long hours expected , not very easy to move up , breaks are timed and strict , early starts , very physical also and not easy to lift product off pallet rackingCafeEarly starts long hours"

Nightfill pick n pack (Former Employee) says

"Probably the worst working environment I have worked in.No room to move up and no incentive from management..Massive differences from day shift and nightfill...Too many strong and opinionated people in one placewageno communication"

iga distribution (Former Employee) says

"i would arrive at work with ten minutes to spare before starting. i would then grab a epj (electric pallet jack) then i would drive to the office, grab a talkman. i would then start picking orders for 4hrs. have a brake at nine 15min then head back to work. another 3 hrs then lunch brake. once work is over i put away talkman and drive the electric pallet jack (epj) back to the shed and work is over.taking brakes at anytime"

Claims Investigator and Customer Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"Metcash was a good place to work, it looked after its staff and encouraged growth however that was before they started laying people off, me included. I would not recommend working for metcash in the Victorian office as it is no longer what it once was.Free food samples from suppliersbeing made redundant"

Delicatessen / Bakery Operations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company went through a restructure and my role changing to a more sales focused role. Currently they have changed management and are working more cohesively in the fresh area. Supporting the operational teams to increase store sales growth.Knowledgable PeopleChanging business directions, regularly"

Inventory Controller (Former Employee) says

"A friendly and harmless organization. The business doesn't like to hear any troubles from staffs. Therefore, stay with the business until retirement without troubles Not a progressive organization, not an innovative business.easy to survivevery low pay"

Manager in Training (Former Employee) says

"This company is better than all I know. You get free training and the salary and benifts are great. They train you to be the best. Real good work environment.TrainingNone"

Trainee Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was still very young and the job was just a leanership program. I learned a lot about the organization as this was meant exactly for learning. The company was a great place to learn and the environment was very conducive for learning.Great CompanyLeanership"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"get telephonic complaint from user. fix bug. ask user to test. put live. The most enjoyable part of the job was flexi hours. I realy enjoyed every moment of it. flexi timecold warehouse"

Worker (Former Employee) says

"Supervisors did not give praise when warranted but were quick to punish workers ,they also lacked communication skill and knowledge of the the work required of the more skilled workers in the worksite Glad I left when I didFree biscuits & chocolatesSupervisors ignorance lack of knowledge"

Category Manager (Former Employee) says

"Close to public transport with buses and train station within proximity, gym located downstairs, tennis court and terrace space for company gatherings.Close to public transport"

Customer service (Current Employee) says

"- Starting at 6am finishing at 3pm, sometimes after time is required. - Learnt how to use a mover - Management is okay, don't know my boss to well. - Co-workers are relaxed and good to get along with. - The heavy lifting, the long hours and the tiring work.Early starting times, good money.Tiring work, a lot of heaving lifting, long hours with over time."

Group Treasury Manager (Former Employee) says

"Job was a constant challenge, due to severe financial constraints in the company.Enjoyed my work despite the allowance, insurance, med aid.cramped offices, no bonus"

John says

"Wasn’t told about quote costs which were twice the price of other local electrical companies, when questioned person on the phone was arrogant and hard to deal with."

Solar searcher says

"After three attempts they were unable to provide a comprehensive and accurate quote for solar panels, and then they sent me this survey thanking me for my purchase - I have made no purchase, so just another display of lack of accuracy in their processes. Platinum, if you wish to secure future business, you need to get your staff to be more focused and stop saying they are too busy to respond with correct information. If you are training staff, as advised by your respondent, it shoud not effect your day to day activities."

Phill says

"Jason told us about $80-$90 cost to test,but the invoice over $160"

Viv says

"On 7 May 2019 queried the amount charged and wanted to know how much the call out fee and hourly rate was as its not stated on the invoice.Was told I need to talk to Julie and she is about 5 minutes from the office and would ring me when she got back It's now the 14 May 2019 and still havent heard. On 8 May 2019 rang head office in Sydney with same query and told I needed to talk to Julie. Said I didn't want to as she couldn't return my call as I was told she would. Girl on switchboard tried ringing Julie to get information but it went to voicemail. This girl said she would get back to me. It's now the 14 May 2019 and still havent heard. Electrician was an hour late to job. Charged $448.25 for 2.5 hrs to trace a fault. Was told fault was in split system air con, the compressor was gone and the whole unit inside and out would need to be replaced without even looking at the inside of the air con unit. Power to air con left disconnected so RCD wouldn't trip.Told to get new split system from Harvey Norman as Platinum does their installations. Got second opinion and a gecko was shorting out inverter board which caused the RCD switch to trip every time power turned back on. Removed gecko and RCD no longer tripping and aircon working correctly. Power did not need to be disconnected as unit has an isolator switch to cut power to it. UPDATE: 15 May 2019, received a phone call from head office and an email from Jason Fisher (Platinum Electricians Southwest in WA) with the information. Call out fee $50 - Electrician $95 per hour - 1st year apprentice $48 per hour Apprentice did maybe 20-30 minutes work yet charged full 2.5 hours the same as the electrician. The following is what Jason wrote in his email (My comments are in brackets and written in capital letters) "You mentioned you were not paying for an apprentice. Well unfortunately the apprentice will not work for free, despite my repeated requests for him to do so. I also confirmed with the tech (Jeremy) that the apprentice was not standing around watching the whole time, he was working, trying to find the fault on your electrical system, disconnecting your shed etc. (HE DID MAYBE 20-30 MINUTES WORK. JEREMY HAD ALREADY DISCONNECTED SHED. I REMOVED THE CORD NOT APPRENTICE. TESTING 7-8 INDIVIDUAL CONNECTIONS INTO BACK OF 3 POWERPOINTS AND WAITING 15 MINUTES ON EACH TO SEE IF RCD TRIPPED WAS DONE BY JEREMY TAKING UP ALMOST 2 HOURS WHEN I HAD ALREADY TOLD HIM AS SOON AS HE ARRIVED ON SITE THAT THE FRONT POWERPOINT CAUSED IT TO TRIP IMMEDIATELY AND THE BACK ONE WITHIN 2 MINUTES, THE MIDDLE ONE DIDN'T TRIP RCD .GIVEN THIS INFORMATION COMMON SENSE DICTATES YOU START WITH FRONT POWERPOINT, THEN THE BACK ONE. NOT CHECK EVERYTHING ELSE FIRST AND LEAVE THE FRONT ONE UNTIL LAST WHICH IS WHERE THE FAULT WAS.AND JOB WOULD HAVE BEEN COMPLETED WITHIN 30 MINUTES) We are not expensive. All tradesman charge by the hour. We are $95 per hour for a tradesman and $48 for an apprentice (1st YEAR APPRENTICE UNDER 21 AWARD RATE IS $9.03 AN HOUR) plus a $50 service charge for each job, which covers booking, administration, invoicing, payment processing, debt collection, bookkeeping etc. Our biggest competitor – Laser Electrical, charges $110 per hour. $15 dollars more expensive than us. So with respect, I fail to understand the issue."